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KALA KA-EBY-TE Tenor Ukelele with EQ


MSRP $339.99
with UK-300TR Chromatic tuner and 2-band equalization.

Tenor acoustic-electric ukelele with Ebony body,  Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard.
Satin finish. The Kala Ebony Tenor Ukulele has a distinct look and sound. It is crafted entirely from beautifully streaked ebony. Because ebony imparts a very clear and present tonality to the Ebony Tenor Uke, you'll enjoy a full sound with plenty of top-end articulation, while the onboard electronics allow you to take that sound to the stage. And the tenor size is showing up more and more in modern pop music for how well it sits in a mix and works for solo accompaniment. Acoustic or plugged in, the Kala Ebony Tenor Ukulele puts the sounds of the Hawaiian islands in your hands.