At DR WOODS we carry a large selection of instruments. Browse below to check out a few options we have in our inventory.

Electric Guitars

DR WOODS keeps a large selection of new, used and vintage electric guitars in stock at all times. We are an exclusive dealer of G&L Guitars and Spector Basses. DR WOODS keeps all its instruments set up, well tuned and ready to play. Come in and try out a brand new G&L ASAT or one of our vintage Gibsons. We can also recommend the perfect amplifier to power your new favorite guitar. DR WOODS carries the following top Electric Guitars:
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DR WOODS carries a wide variety of fine acoustic instruments. We have a wide selection of Larivee, Baden, and Simon & Patrick guitars in stock and ready for discerning owners. DR WOODS also stocks unique, vintage, and custom made acoustic instruments from a variety of builders.

DR WOODS carries the following top Acoustic Guitars:

Acoustic Guitar Brands For Sale

Banjos and Mandolins

DR WOODS provides the following top Bluegrass Instruments for purchase such as Banjos and Mandolins: Morgan Monroe Banjos and Mandolins, Recording King Banjos, Kentucky Mandolins and Tanglewood Mandolins

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DR WOODS carries the following Ukuleles:

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DR WOODS carries the following Drum Brands:

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We carry a great selection of tube and quality solid state guitar amplifiers. DR WOODS keeps excellent amplifiers IN STOCK and ready for you to crank up to 11, and we can help you decide which one is best for you. Dr. Woods carries the following Amplifiers:
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DR WOODS is a proud dealer of these fine accessories:

Effects pedals:

TC Electronics, T-Rex, MXR, BOSS, Dunlop, Rock Box and Morley. Morley pedals use electro-optical circuitry rather than a potentiometer to control the effect. The advantage to this system is that there are no potentiometers in the signal path to wear out or become “scratchy sounding” over time. Electro-optical circuitry is used throughout the classic Morley pedal line, which includes or has included volume pedals,delay pedals, chorus and phaser pedals, and many others.

Instrument Cables:

It’s a fact, instrument cables can change your sound. Which is why we offer a wide variety of cables like Pig Hog Mic Cables, George L’2, Fender, Monster, Strukture Cables, HOHNER Harmonicas,Hercules Stands,L.R. Baggs Acoustic PreAmp.


We Offer V-Picks and ProPik Finger Picks

Want a more detailed guide on what accessories might be right for you? Download our Accessories Cheat Sheet


Not sure which instrument is for you? Try renting! Drum sets, guitars, orchestral, woodwind, and brass. Looking for something else? Just ask! In addition to guitars and drums, we also rent and sell band instruments: trumpet, clarinet, coronet, saxophone (Alto and Tenor), oboe, flute, piccolo, percussion & bell kits. Take band instrument lessons with us, too! All of our rentals on done on a 8 week timeline